Metro and Auto Club of Southern California partner to save lives — and prevent street racing and takeovers –

In late July, one of our buses was struck at 1:15 a.m. on a Sunday morning by a hit-and-run driver who ran a red light.

The driver fled and left their vehicle at the crash scene in Huntington Park. Three people aboard the bus were injured in the crash.

Authorities believe the suspect may have been involved in a nearby street takeover. 

As many of you know, street racing and takeovers have become all too common in our region. The above video — from our friends at the Automobile Club of Southern California — explains the tragic outcome. Too often, innocent bystanders and motorists are killed or badly injured by motorists flagrantly violating the law. 

We’ll be partnering with the Auto Club in the coming weeks to push out more information about this issue and potential solutions. We encourage everyone to report street racing and street takeovers to authorities. 

Both the Auto Club and Metro also encourage everyone to visit the website for Street Racing Kills, a nonprofit which has lots of info on this topic.


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