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Meta: Facebook Trump Ban to Review Case Normally—No Rapid Processing, Special Considerations – Tech Times

Meta’s Facebook application is known for deliberating on bans and suspensions for different users that violate its Community Guidelines and rules, and that does not exempt former President Donald Trump. Now, Nick Clegg from Meta says it would not see rapid processing of the case and treat it normally, as per its guidelines. 

Meta: Facebook to Review Trump Ban Case Normally, No Rush

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Politico shared the contents of its interview with Nick Clegg, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, who after getting a question regarding the Trump ban, said that it would not rush the decision. 

The company is still looking at its end date for 2023 to process the case, focusing on honoring the two-year ban posted against the former President of the United States. 

The decision came from last year, June 2021, when the company updated its initial permanent ban against Donald Trump and changed it to a two-year ban that will deliberate soon if he is to get reinstated to the platform. 

Nevertheless, the decision seems to be rock solid for Facebook, and despite the midterm elections coming and a reported plan of Donald Trump to be running for office by 2024, it still holds out for 2023. 

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Facebook’s Decision for its Bans that Violate Rules

According to The Verge, Facebook’s decision for bans came at a time when there were permanent bans given to Donald Trump for his many actions that resulted in a massive problem in the country. Still, rule and Community Guidelines violators are not seeing any free passes from these social media platforms and will continue to hold out against the former President. 

Facebook’s Two-Year Ban for Grave Offenses

There was an initial decision from Facebook to an indefinite ban for the former President of the United States for his alleged actions that influenced the storming of the Capitol, later changing it to a two-year ban. Instead of an initial permanent ban, the social media app is giving these individuals a chance to redeem themselves on the platform. 

However, after messing up again, the company would already enforce a permanent ban on those that will violate again after receiving and serving their significant sentence. 

Meta and Facebook are not holding it out for Trump alone, as it is also applicable for other politicians, as well as different users on the platform who they believe to be endangering the audience via their posts.

This case resulted in Trump suing different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and it also includes Google’s YouTube for censorship.

Now, the midterm elections are coming and the case of Trump’s ban is in question again, and Facebook shared its views and decisions via the executive who explained its process. The company is not rushing anything for specific people and will continue to deliberate cases it seems fit for their timeline, especially for past grave offenses. 

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