For the first time, all stakeholders will be able to come together in one place, at one time, to create solutions to this challenging problem. An expert group of thought leaders will spend two days analyzing the experiences of schools that were able to remain open through the pandemic with the goal of developing strategies that scale across various K-12 settings. The vision is to take these learnings and create processes and protocols that not only work now but will also be able to deal with future public health emergencies protecting students, faculty, and staff while keeping schools open.

“We have helped over 50 K-12 schools stay open this past year directly impacting tens of thousands of lives. The challenge we see is not that more tests are needed; rather, people need better access to them,” said Gabor Bethlendy, CEO of Meenta. This is why Meenta has created a testing marketplace that provides schools access to millions of tests from different clinical labs and diagnostic companies. As needs change or expand, organizations can switch seamlessly from one lab to another or add additional testing all while using the same HIPAA compliant Meenta platform for test administration and results reporting.

“Meenta is solving a fundamental problem in terms of the testing supply chain and the tech stack it all runs on. While most are focused on producing better tests, Meenta is focused on converting the old manual testing process to the Audubon of testing processes where everything goes faster,” said Brett Johnson, CEO of The Virus Project. “Meenta brings deep expertise from genomics, diagnostics, and medical oversight onto a platform that has nearly limitless testing capacity.”

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Their CEO, Gabor Bethlendy, will appear on a panel that will look at the technological advances and future trends in testing. The session will stream live Tuesday at 2pm on April 13th. For details on the agenda and registration, visit “We have seen the positive impact of having kids back in school. We desperately need to create the plans, protocols and processes for all schools to be able to open their doors in the Fall of 2021,” said Gabor Bethlendy, CEO of Meenta.

For the first time, thought leaders and stakeholders will be able to come together in one place at one time to create solutions to this challenging problem. This hybrid conference is being made possible by the same gold standard RT-PCR-based testing technology that enabled the NBA to hold their playoffs last season in a “bubble”. This conference will build off of other successful in-person events Meenta has helped keep safe since the start of the pandemic. They hope to demonstrate how a bubble approach with proper testing and ventilation strategies can make conferences possible.

About The Virus Project 
The mission of The Virus Project has been to assemble the thought leaders, the technologies and innovative approaches to find a way through the pandemic. This conference will bring innovators committed to schools together to build strategies to go forward to reopen schools.

About Meenta 
Meenta was born out of the idea that life science and diagnostics could greatly benefit from the technological revolution that has forever changed the way we shop, dine, vacation, and catch a ride. Grounded in technology and sitting at the intersection of supply and demand, the Meenta marketplace brings together the widest array of testing products and laboratory services combined with world-class scientific expertise and clinical oversight all in one place. Meenta exists to completely revolutionize the way the world accesses diagnostic testing and laboratory capabilities. Our vision is to make all of the world’s scientific equipment and clinical tests accessible to everyone. Any test. Any time. One marketplace.

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