IMINT Image Intelligence AB and MediaTek have announced a new partnership to make video recording better on new and future MediaTek chipsets. The team-up will focus on integrating Imint’s features and on enabling better and quicker integration on new chips. And, of course, the entire Imint Vidhance software suite is going to be included in that.

The end goal is to ensure that Vidhance features and software can be integrated more quickly and seamlessly.

What is Imint and how does this impact MediaTek?

Now, MediaTek chipsets are the third-most-populous in terms of smartphones. The company is responsible for the chips in as many as one-in-three smartphones, according to Imint CEO Andreas Lifvendahl.

Conversely, as noted above, Imint is a world leader in video enhancement technology. Specifically, that’s technology already found in more than 250-million smartphones worldwide. That’s in addition to its placement in modular cameras, bodycams, drones, and other devices.

With this partnership, Imint’s Vidhance suite can be fully integrated with new and upcoming MediaTek chips. The deal also gives Imint access to MediaTek assets and support to ensure integration goes smoothly.

For end-users, that should mean a much better photography experience on MediaTek-powered devices going forward. Or at least a better experience than was previously available on MediaTek handsets.

Imint lists out the features that will be available immediately, even before that collaborative effort enhances and optimizes things. Those include not only Vidhance Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction, minimizing blur in stabilized video captures. It also includes Vidhance Super Stabilization. And that helps remove unwanted camera movement, to begin with, working to mimic dedicated action cameras.

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Vidhance Field of View Correction and Horizon Correction is part of the package as well. The former delivers better video in terms of eliminating artifacts resulting from zoom. The company designed the latter feature to correct levels for crooked horizons in video capture.

Summarily, the integration should result in users being able to “capture professional-quality content” with MediaTek-powered smartphones.

Why is this partnership happening now?

In terms of the timing of this, it could still be some time before MediaTek-powered smartphones can use Imint Vidhance features. But there’s a good reason for the partnership to be happening right now, according to Mr. Lifvendahl.

The executive notes that there’s an emergent trend among mobile OEMs looking to MediaTek as a chip partner. That includes phones from companies such as Nokia, Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO, and Infinix. Some of those companies are already utilizing Imint solutions in their Android smartphones using other chips. That includes other companies as well, such as Motorola, OnePlus, and more.

As OEMs shift to MediaTek devices, the integration will ensure those features are still there for long-time fans of those brands. That’s in addition to providing the features for other MediaTek devices and users.



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