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For your business to be ‘always on’, Fibre Solutions by Maxis Business has got you covered

NOW that all states in the country have moved into at least Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan, it’s back to business for the economic sectors.

As businesses adapt to the new normal and adopt modern ways of working, a stable and reliable Internet is vital for business survivability.

To keep businesses ‘always on’ and running, business owners need to invest in the right Internet solution.

Maxis Business Fibre

For businesses that need to access business applications efficiently or fulfil orders smoothly, unstable Internet connection could mean loss of revenue, even reputation.

Maxis Business Fibre comes with superfast speeds of up to 800Mbps, free Internet security and Mesh WiFi – making sure that you protect your customers and employees from malware and other security threats with CISCO’s Internet security solution without missing a beat.

More importantly, it’s equipped with 4G wireless backup to keep your business always on, no matter what.

With this automatic backup, you can stay confidently connected with the business fibre option that can grow according to your business needs.

Maxis Usage-Based Internet

Some businesses have the challenge of seasonal demands, especially for those in the hotel industry or retail industry, so opting for a rigid Internet plan could cost them business opportunities as well as savings.

They may even need to maintain a dedicated Internet connection to cloud and digital services for staff and customers.

For them, an inflexible bandwidth plan may end up costing a business more in operational costs and might even incur additional charges without them realising.

In order to mitigate the risk of expensive overages or overpaying for unused bandwidth, Maxis Usage-Based Internet (MUBI) is Maxis’ answer to businesses who look to only pay for their actual bandwidth consumption.

For businesses with fluctuating Internet consumption during peak and off-peak seasons, Maxis Usage-Based Internet (MUBI) empowers them with a more cost-effective and responsive Internet service.

With up to 99.9% SLA, Maxis Usage-Based Internet; the only pay-per-use dedicated Internet in Malaysia; enables you to keep your business always on while enjoying greater savings by paying for only what you use.

So, this innovative and flexible solution enables businesses to reliably scale their capacity to meet their ever-changing needs while making sure operations run at their smoothest at all times.

Maxis Dedicated Internet Access

Time-critical businesses need high bandwidth to maximise operations and keep up with critical demands.

Due to the nature of time-critical operations, businesses such as banks or even higher education institutions would need a service with high availability that can ensure no downtime.

Maxis Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) also offers businesses the flexibility of adding bandwidth, and the assurance of up to 99.99% SLA. Alongside Maxis’ own-built fibre, it allows for business scalability too.

Businesses can trust that Maxis DIA delivers the high-bandwidth, uninterrupted Internet connection that they need.

Change to Fibre Solutions by Maxis Business today. Visit the website to find out more.


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