FAIRFIELD, Conn., April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rossi Enterprises LLC announces a new social media campaign for their award winning product Papa Rossi Marinade.  The social media campaign will feature new posts, social media contests and the chance to win prizes and money in the near future as well as free Papa Rossi Marinade. 

The site; www.paparossimarinade.com will be the focus of the contests with trivia and questions that allow users to learn about business, the art of marinades as well as the Papa Rossi brand.  Campaigns in Facebook, Instagram as well as TikTok will highlight the campaign over the next several months.

As always, the Papa Rossi Marinade brand will be run by Mr. Rossi’s children in an effort to teach them the art of business and skills needed to be successful in business. “Children are the backbone of our economy and as they grow and learn it is imperative as parents we teach them the skills needed to succeed in business.  Allowing them to run the business, learn from mistakes and correct those mistakes are the best ways to learn success.”

“Papa Rossi’s Marinade provides a tasty new way to marinate and enjoy meats and fishes in a unique way.  The sauce can be used as a dipping sauce as well and is a great extension to anyone’s kitchen,” added Matthew Rossi.

About Matthew Rossi, his kids and the Sauce

Papa Rossi’s Marinade is a product of Rossi Enterprise LLC is a single-source provider of sauce and marinade to start with the desire to extend and teach kids the learning power of trying new ideas and getting out there with a great product you believe in. Matthew Rossi, a seasoned CFO started the sauce business after several pushes from his daughters to sell the sauce.  With ingredients passed down through generations the trials and tribulations of getting a product to market has been a blessing to teaching young minds how to run a new business.  Mr. Rossi leaves the business to his kids to run and learn.

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Media Contact:
Matthew Rossi
[email protected]

SOURCE Rossi Enterprise LLC

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