A 21-YEAR-OLD Strathdickie man has been handed a prison sentence after trying to take mobile phones into a prison.

Jakob Benjamin Leon Gillan-Carroll fronted Proserpine Magistrates Court, on Monday, where he pleaded guilty to three charges of possessing dangerous drugs, assault occasioning bodily harm and attempting to take a prohibited item into a corrective services facility.

Gillan-Carroll appeared by video link, from Woodford Correctional Centre, where he is in custody.

“At about 1.20pm, on August 10, 2019, the defendant was taken aside and a thorough search was conducted,” Police Prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told the court.

“A package wrapped in cling wrap was found and inside were mobile phones and needles. CCTV footage showed him throwing the package over the fence of the correctional centre.”

Regarding the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm, Sergeant Emma Myors said the victim had been staying with the defendant in Strathdickie and sleeping on the couch.

“The defendant became angry with the victim, accusing her of stealing something,” she said.

“The victim fell onto the floor and felt immediate pain to the right side of her face and was crying. The defendant drove her to town – she suffered bruising and swelling to her face.

“On October 23, police executed a search warrant and found the defendant in the garage, and on a table was a bong with 0.7g of cannabis inside it – the defendant does have history for drug offending. All the offences were committed while the defendant was on parole.”

Defence solicitor Ali Ladd said the defendant was in a de facto relationship, with one son, aged five years old, and was also expecting a second child with his partner, who lives in Brisbane.

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“My client grew up in Brisbane and spent time in a foster situation – his mother has been in custody most of his life and he does not have a good relationship with his father.

“He has been involved in the justice system for some time as a youth but he’s understanding that now he doesn’t get treated with the same leniency.

“He was in the Whitsundays doing roofing to get some money and, while up here, he was charged with these offences and remanded – he’s spent some time in custody.

“My client accepts the facts. With relation to the serious assault, it was one strike to the face and not a closed fist.

“The bruising was reasonably minor – red, not dark bruises – and the victim wasn’t significantly fearful if she then got in the car and went to town with him.

“With regards to the dangerous drugs charge, my client accepts the allegations – it was a small quantity for personal use.

“He accepts taking items into the correctional centre. There are two barriers – fences – and the package was thrown over the first one, so it was not technically taken into the centre.

“My client has got relevant criminal history but not assault offences or violence – violence is out of character for him. Regarding the drug offence – there is minor history there.”

Magistrate Ron Muirhead said Gillan-Carroll had been placed on parole, on July 17, 2019.

“The offences were committed a short time after that,” he said.

“In my view, the most serious charge is taking prohibited items into the prison system, when he was placed on parole a few weeks before that.

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“He is serving 12 months imprisonment now, and these are three serious charges – prison would be within range. Even for a first offender, the court would have to consider prison.”

For the charge of attempting to take a prohibited item into a corrective services facility, Magistrate Ron Muirhead sentenced Gillan-Carroll to four months in prison.

For the assault occasioning bodily harm, he sentenced him to two months in prison, and for possessing dangerous drugs, he sentenced him to one month in prison, on top of the 12 months Gillan-Carroll was already serving. Convictions were recorded for all three offences.



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