Offensive linemen are regularly the forgotten part of an offense.

Too many Madden gamers focus on finding the big-armed quarterback or uber-athlete running back to lead their team to the Super Bowl, but neither can function without a strong offensive line in front of them.

Perhaps the most ignored spot is the right tackle. While the left tackle position gained fame, and money, for blocking star pass rushers, the right tackle was a black hole of failed players at other spots.

The modern NFL defense now has two strong edge rushers, so the right tackle can no longer be a dumping ground for poor blockers, they need to be quality pass blockers who can live with the speed and power the elite pass rushers bring.

So who are the best right tackles in Madden 20’s franchise mode?

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Mitchell Schwartz, Kansas City Chiefs (91 OVR)

Age: 30

Best Stats: Pass Block Power (96), Pass Block (95), Pass Block Finesse (94), Awareness (94), Strength (88), Impact Block (85), Run Block Finesse (84)

A second-round pick in 2012 for the Cleveland Browns, Mitchell Schwartz was a day 1 starter at right tackle for the Browns and played well there for four years before making a move to Kansas City and developing into one of the most impressive blockers in the NFL.

In Madden 20 Schwartz is dominant pass blocker (95). His pass block power (96) and finesse (94) are so high that is hard for anyone to find a way around him. He has terrific awareness (94) and the strength (88) to deal with most rushers. His run block (82) is not amazing but when he pass blocks as well as he does then you don’t mind too much.

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Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles (89 OVR)

Age: 29

Best Stats: Awareness (93), Impact Block (91), Pass Block Power (91), Lead Block (90), Run Block (89), Pass Block (89), Run Block Power (89), Pass Block Finesse (89), Run Block Finesse (88), Strength (88)

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The fourth-overall pick in 2013 for the Eagles, Lane Johnson has developed into a superb blocker for Philadelphia. As a rookie he started every game and quickly showed just why the Eagles invested such a high pick in him. In 2017 Johnson was named to the Pro Bowl and First Team All-Pro.

Johnson is an extremely impressive blocker, with his run (89) and pass (89) well balanced. That is all underpinned by good strength (88) as well as high impact block (91) and lead block (90) that makes him deadly regardless of the play call.

Ryan Ramczyk, New Orleans Saints (86 OVR)

Age: 25

Best Stats: Awareness (92), Strength (90), Run Block Finesse (90), Lead Block (89), Pass Block Power (89), Run Block (88), Pass Block (88), Impact Block (88), Run Block Power (87), Pass Block Finesse (87)

A young star, Ryan Ramczyk was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the first round in 2017 with a pick the received from trading Brandin Cooks. The result was an immediate quality starter who has shored up Drew Brees’ protection and improved on the run blocking of previous right tackles.

Ramczyk is an incredibly balanced blocker, with his lead (89), run (88), pass (88), and impact (88) block all close to elite. He has amazing awareness (92) for such a young player and can dominate with his strength (90).

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Demar Dotson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (86 OVR)

Age: 33

Best Stats: Pass Block Power (93), Pass Block (91), Awareness (91), Pass Block Finesse (90), Lead Block (88), Strength (86), Impact Block (84)

Demar Dotson went undrafted in 2009 before landing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a free agent. He stared just 2 games in his first two yeas but in 2012 won the starting right tackle job. Tampa Bay have not looked back since, with Dotson being worthy of Pro Bowl invitations at times.

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In Madden 20 Dotson is a superb pass blocker (91). He has the power (93) and finesse (90) to deal with any kind of rusher, and the awareness (91) to spot a stunt. His run block (74) is poor though, with his strength (86) and impact block (84) not translating well. 

Bryan Bulaga, Green Bay Packers (84 OVR)

Age: 30

Best Stats: Awareness (96), Strength (88), Pass Block Power (88), Pass Block (87), Impact Block (87), Lead Block (86), Pass Block Finesse (85)

A first-round pick in 2010, Bryan Bulaga has been the rock on the right side of Green Bay’s line for a long time now. He started 12 games as a rookie and ended up winning the Super Bowl. Bulaga’s career has been full of injuries. He’s played a full 16 games just once, and missed 11 games in 2017.

In Madden 20 he is a strong pass blocker (87). Using his strength (88) and amazing awareness (96) to pick up threats and control them. As a run blocker (75) he isn’t amazing, but if you want someone to protect your aerial offense then Bulaga is the man.

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Mike McGlinchey, San Francisco 49ers (83 OVR)

Age: 24

Best Stats: Run Block Power (91), Run Block (90), Strength (89), Run Block Finesse (87), Lead Block (86), Awareness (84), Impact Block (83)

Another young player, Mike Mcglinchey was the ninth overall pick in the 2018 draft for San Francisco after a superb college career at Notre Dame. With the left tackle spot filled by franchise legend Joe Staley, Mcglinchey claimed the right tackle job almost immediately and impressed as a rookie.

In Madden 20 he is a stellar run blocker (90), using his strength (89) to use power (91) on his opponent. His awareness (84) is solid and will only grow with experience, and while his pass block (79) is not great that too will improve. 

Marcus Gilbert, Arizona Cardinals (83 OVR)

Age: 31

Best Stats: Awareness (95), Strength (91), Lead Block (87), Pass Block (86), Pass Block Finesse (86), Impact Block (86), Pass Block Power (83)

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Marcus gilbert was a second-round pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011 and started 13 games for them as a rookie. He has been a solid player for the Steelers, but injuries have limited him to just 2 full seasons, and he missed 20 games over the last two seasons. He signed a free agent deal with the Arizona Cardinals this offseason.

gilbert is a solid tackle in Madden 20, with his strength (91) and awareness (95) superb assets. He is a better pass blocker (86) than run blocker (80) but neither are elite, or awful.

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Player Team Age OVR STR PBK RBK
Mitchell Schwartz Kansas City Chiefs 30 91 88 95 82
Lane Johnson Philadelphia Eagles 29 89 88 89 89
Ryan Ramczyk New Orleans Saints 25 86 90 88 88
Demar Dotson Tampa Bay Buccaneers 33 86 86 91 74
Brian Bulaga Green Bay Packers 30 84 88 87 75
Mike McGlinchey San Francisco 49ers 24 83 89 79 90
Marcus Gilbert Arizona Cardinals 31 83 91 86 80
Rob Havenstein Los Angeles Rams 27 82 84 81 91
Braden Smith Indianapolis Colts 23 81 93 82 81
Marcus Cannon New England Patriots 31 80 94 77 85
Orlando Brown Jr Baltimore Ravens 23 79 91 85 81
Daryl Williams Carolina Panthers 27 79 87 84 84
Jack Conklin Tennessee Titans 25 78 87 81 77
Trent Brown Oakland Raiders 26 78 92 81 76
Ja’Wuan James Denver Broncos 27 78 84 83 75
Rick Wagner Detroit Lions 29 77 87 79 79
La’el Collins Dallas Cowboys 26 76 88 78 78
Morgan Moses Washington Redskins 28 75 89 78 77
Bobby Massie Chicago Bears 30 74 83 80 69
Jawaan Taylor Jacksonville Jaguars 21 71 89 74 72

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