Singer Louisa Johnson has opened up about her struggle with anxiety, admitting she looks through “bad comments” about herself on social media “all the time”.

The 2015 X Factor winner spoke openly about her mental health issues and the dangers of social media during an interview with Christine Lampard on ITV’s Lorraine.

The 21-year-old singer told Lampard that anxiety has often made her feel “useless” and that she has vowed to stop posting a perfected image of her life on Instagram.

“I’ve always had anxiety and felt a bit low, but there comes a point where it’s ‘ok I don’t feel low anymore I just feel a bit useless’ and I think social media does play a big part in that because you are always looking at who liked your picture,” the star admitted.

“Even me, I do it, I look through the bad comments all the time. There was a point where I’d stopped because I was confident in myself.”

The “So Good” singer said that when your confidence drops, it’s easy to feel the need to go on social media to find validation and find out if people like you.

“It gets hard,” she said, adding: “You should know that within yourself, you shouldn’t really need other people to tell you you are loved.”

The British performer said that she wants to show fans the highs and lows of her life and said that she does not use photo-editing apps on her photos.

Ms Johnson continued: “I’m using whatever I can to show it’s normal to feel sad, have a fat day, have a spot too! I compare myself all the time, it never stops.

“We should try and make people aware of what they’re doing so we can help the situation.”

The singer noted that she has already started to show people her “weaknesses” online, adding that “we’re all human”.

“There’s a good side and a bad side with social media,” she concluded. “I love Instagram, but you need to use it in the right way.”

The singer has previously spoken about her struggles with mental health and social media.

Last month, Ms Johnson posted a message on Instagram about feeling “anxious” when she shares a photograph that is “a little too intimate”.

“No one really wants to show their bad days on Instagram but I want to start letting people in to just show people that it’s normal, it’s normal to feel s**t some days, it’s normal to want to stay in bed and not get out, it’s normal to think where is life even taking me,” an excerpt of the post reads.

The post received over 18,000 likes from the “Best Behaviour” singer’s followers, with several telling her how much they appreciated her honesty.

“Setting such an example to all your fans knowing being in the public eye is not always smiles and being perfect,” wrote one user.

Another added: “This is an important reminder that even people who seemingly have everything can feel low and have bad days!

“It can’t have been easy to post this but you’re helping many people including myself.”

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The NHS says that anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear that can be mild or severe.

Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is a common long-term condition which is estimated to affect up to five per cent of the UK population.

It can cause physical and psychological symptoms that can include feeling restless or worries, having trouble concentrating or sleeping, dizziness or heart palpitations.

For confidential support with mental health, you can contact The Samaritans on their free, 24-hour phone support by calling 116 123 or emailing


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