Surface Duo

While the Microsoft Surface Duo was originally announced back in October of 2019, Microsoft wasn’t planning on an immediate launch. It’s been tentatively scheduled for a holiday 2020 release, and it seems like we’re still going to hit that date, even with a pandemic. Additionally, it looks like Microsoft has courted AT&T into the folding phone craze, too.

Microsoft Surface Duo on AT&T

AT&T is no stranger to carrying some of the market’s weirder phones over the years, so it’s very plausible that Evan Blass’s rumor will wind up being spot on. Microsoft most likely wants to bring some US carriers onto its ship if it plans on being any kind of success in the United States market, and AT&T’s a huge option for them.

It’ll also continue the trend of folding phones getting locked into carrier exclusivity, which we don’t love, but it is better than the alternative of only being sold unlocked and with no carrier support.

That still leaves us with quite a few questions, though. Will other carriers end up picking up the phone later on? If it’s AT&T exclusive, will the phone still work with Verizon if you buy the AT&T model or opt for an unlocked Surface Duo? The folding phone isn’t a 5G device, which should probably keep most doors open for wide carrier compatibility, but with Microsoft’s first foray into smartphones in quite some time, it’s hard to be sure.

Regardless, we’re only a few months away from the holiday season for 2020. Whatever Microsoft is planning on doing should become clear pretty soon.

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