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Looking to trade in your smartphone for iPhone 13? Here`s what you should know – Zee News

New Delhi: If you want to go from an Android phone to an iPhone 13, you’ll be surprised at how much Apple will pay for your old phone. This is because Apple has reduced the value of your Android phone as a trade-in. The Cupertino-based company will now shave up to $110 off the price of the phones it accepts. Notably, Apple only takes phones from Samsung and Google for trade-in reductions. However, regardless of whether you have a Samsung or a Google phone, you will not receive the desired value. For the time being, the adjustments are solely applicable in the United States.

Apple has reportedly cut the maximum dollar amounts that purchasers may receive when trading in their Android phone for an iPhone, according to MacRumours. Apple has also reduced the price of a number of iPad and Mac models. You may check the greatest amount for your old gadgets, such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch, on the Apple website. The price shown on the internet, however, is merely an estimate and not the ultimate worth of your phone. The ultimate result is determined by a number of criteria, including the condition of your phone’s battery and other considerations.

MacRumors has compiled a list of all the trade-in prices for your Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G – $260 (down from $325)

—Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G – $325 (down from $435)

—Samsung Galaxy S20+ – $205 (down from $275)

—Samsung Galaxy S20 – $150 (down from $205)

—Samsung Galaxy S10+ – $170 (down from $185)

—Samsung Galaxy S10 – $150 (down from $160)

–Samsung Galaxy S10e – $120 (down from $130)

–Samsung Galaxy S9+ – $80 (down from $95)

–Samsung Galaxy S9 – $65 (down from $75)

–Samsung Galaxy S8+ – $60 (no change)

–Samsung Galaxy S8 – $50 (no change)

–Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – $405 (down from $545)

–Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – $285 (down from $385)

–Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – $175 (down from $235)

–Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – $120 (down from $130)

–Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – $45 (down from $65)

–Google Pixel 5 – $235 (down from $315)

–Google Pixel 4 XL – $135 (down from $180)

–Google Pixel 4 – $110 (down from $150)

–Google Pixel 4a – $120 (down from $160)

–Google Pixel 3 XL – $50 (down from $70)

–Google Pixel 3 – $45 (down from $55)

–Google Pixel 3a XL – $50 (down from $55)

–Google Pixel 3a – $50 (no change)

Although some of the high-end Samsung phones are as pricey as an iPhone, their trade-in value is significantly lower. As a result, Android customers will have to come up with new ways to sell their old Android phones for a higher price, as Apple plainly does not want to pay a high price for an Android phone.

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