Locals show off cars at muscle car show – News 13 Orlando

KISSIMMEE, FL – Polishing and getting things just right are how most Friday evenings start for Tammy Sanford. When she’s here at Old Town, showing off one of her prized possessions.

What You Need To Know

  • The car show is back
  • It’s a chance to show off muscle cars
  • A local woman takes pride in participating every year

“Once I found this car, I drove by Old Town and saw what they were doing out here and it really started everything and I’ve been coming ever since,” Sanford said. 

Buying her bright yellow mustang nearly six years ago, she’s been taking part in the Friday Night Muscle Car Show and Cruise just as long, finding a family in this closely knit community. 

However, her love of all things cars started long before he days at the Old Town car show. She was just 16, in fact, when she found her passion. Growing up in Pennsylvania, she had a friend that raced drag cars. She eventually started helping her friend work on their drag cars in the garage and she’s been hooked ever since. 

Now she’s part of a club that shows off their classic muscle cars here at Old Town on Friday nights. Crowds of hundreds gathering to get a glimpse at these spectacular cars as they cruise down Old Town’s main street. 

It’s a night bursting with energy and entertainment and something Tammy hopes she can pass on to a new generation, specifically females. Introducing more women into this lifestyle of classic cars. 

“Anybody can do this! You never know when you’re going to have the next person in charge of Ford, Chevy, or Dodge and say we are going to discontinue this or that, because they didn’t have the experience they could have had out here,” Sanford said, “You know everything counts especially with women because there aren’t as many cruiser women, but hopefully we can show that this is for everybody and not just a boys club.”

Friday Night Muscle Car Show and Cruise starts at 3 p.m. And ends at 10 p.m. This takes place every Friday night at Old Town. For more information on this event and the other exciting things happening at Old Town in Kissimmee, just head to their website.


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