A large number of objections have been lodged to publican Charlie Chawke’s plan for a €186 million apartment scheme for a site beside his Goat Grill pub in Goatstown, south Dublin.

An Bord Pleanála has confirmed that it has received 148 third-party submissions concerning the proposed 299-unit apartment scheme.

Mr Chawke’s Charjon Investments is seeking permission for the fast-track scheme that also includes a 22-bedroom hotel, six retail outlets and childcare facilities along with the renovation and extension of the Goat Grill.

The development on a 4.6-acre site is made up of four apartment blocks ranging from five to eight storeys in height.

One of those to make a submission is Minister for Tourism and Culture and local TD, Catherine Martin of the Green Party, who has told the appeals board that she has “concerns in relation to this development”.

Ms Martin has told the board that “due consideration should be given to the density and height of the proposed development as it does not reflect the scale of the neighbourhood . . . and is contrary to that specified in the Goatstown Local Area Plan in how the protection of residential amenity should be to the forefront of any development in the area”.

Site ‘over-development’

Another local TD, Minister for State Josepha Madigan of Fine Gael, has also made a submission on the plan and local groups to object include the Birchfield Residents Association, the Drummartin Terrace Residents Association, the Knocknashee Residents Association, the Mount Anville Lawn Residents Association and the Roebuck Residents Association.

An Taisce is also opposed to the scheme as it “would represent over-development of the site”.

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A large number of submissions relate to the height and scale of the plan with a number also concerned over the negative impact the proposed scheme may have on property prices for the area.

Asked if he was surprised by the level of opposition, Mr Chawke claimed: “People who object to something never want to see anything done.”

“If they spent time examining the application and see what we have proposed for the area they might be better educated and see that it is a beautiful design and that it will really, really enhance the rest of the buildings and the rest of the houses in the area and increase their value.”

Mr Chawke stated that he didn’t believe that the proposed scheme would reduce property prices in the area. “The scheme will enhance the value of property in the area. At the moment, there is a 3.8 acre field – there is nothing on it – how could that enhance anything?

‘Lovely legacy’

“We have put a lot of effort into and a lot of money into this and we hope that it will get the nod and be able to build a beautiful design for Goatstown. You have got to move with the times and you have got to move and go for a design that is worthwhile. I think if it is examined properly that people will like it.

“I really believe in this development and it would be a lovely legacy to leave to Goatstown and that is what I would like to do.”

The Birchfield Residents Association is one of a number of local residents’ associations to oppose the plan. A member of the association on Monday rejected Mr Chawke’s claim that locals are objecting for the sake of objecting.

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“That is nonsense. I don’t know how Mr Chawke could jump to that conclusion. That is an easy accusation to make. That is not true, we are not objecting for the sake of objecting.”

The resident – who wished to remain anonymous – stated that the local area plan permits only buildings of four storeys in height at the site. 

“I don’t see how An Bord Pleanála can fly in the face of local democracy and permit the application. It is a very dense, over-crowded development.”

A decision on the application is due in June.  



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