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CHICO — The message that Chico Democrat leaders conveyed at a news conference Wednesday at the Oxford Suites Chico was to vote in the California Sept. 14 recall election, no matter if you’re for the governor or against.

Five former Chico mayors spoke out against the recall at the conference. Each former mayor gave an impassioned speech urging Chico residents to vote and sharing their statement against the recall.

“We’re here to support Gavin Newsom,” Jim Owens said before the conference began. “He’s done a good job for the state. There are far more positives than negatives. I’m here to show my support for the guy.”

Karl Ory welcomed his colleagues and started off the festivities by saying, “It’s always great to see friends. Eleven former mayors oppose this ridiculous and expensive recall.” Ory also introduced North State Labor Federation and Chico resident Justin D. Meyers who also gave a short speech.

“I’m privileged to represent north state families. This recall is the worst thing for working families. Larry Elder is anti-union and anti-worker,” Meyers said. “Elder opposes the minimum wage and wants to defund public health care. Gov. Newsom has been there for us.”

Ann Schwab said that Newsom has provided leadership that residents need. “He’s been here with resources,” she said.

Bob Mullholland, Democratic campaign strategist and Democratic National Committee member also attended the conference.

“We did a good job, it was very successful,” Mullholland said after the conference ended. “There were 25 years of mayors serving the city of Chico who came out against the recall. They had a significant message.”

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According to Keaton Denlay, manager for Butte County Elections, there are 124,955 total registered voters in Butte County. Chico has 25, 733 registered Democrats and 15,863 Republicans.

Denlay also urges voters to get out and vote. “This election is very important,” he said.

Audrey Denney, Democratic nominee for Congress in 2018 and 2020, urges voters to vote no on the recall.

“This election is not about whether or not you like the governor,” Denney said in a written statement. “It’s not even about whether or not you think he’s doing a good job. This election is so much bigger than that. It’s about ensuring we have a functioning executive branch to get us through the rest of this horrific wildfire season. It’s about saving lives and protecting our health care and essential workers through the rest of this pandemic.”

According to Gene Bregman, Democratic pollster, “polling in early to mid-August showed a very close election and this seems to have woken up the Democrats so that now, things look much more favorable for Newsom.”


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