Possibly the most common question posed by LG smartphone owners since the news of the Korean brand closing down its mobile business is whether their device will be updated to Android 11, Android 12, or even Android 13. It’s a question that LG has tried to answer with its previous statement saying that it was committed to providing OS updates to its phones, and now the company has gone a step further by confirming which models will continue to be supported.

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First up are the following phone models that LG will update to Android 11, with the Velvet 5G and V60 ThinQ having already received the update. While the timeline is for models in Germany, there shouldn’t be too much difference other than perhaps the inclusion of recent variants of the LG Stylo series.

Model Scheduled Rollout Status
LG Velvet 5G April 2021 Completed
LG G8X Q3 2021 Testing
LG Velvet 4G Q4 2021 Testing
LG G8S Q4 2021 Testing
LG Wing Q4 2021 Testing
LG K52 Q4 2021 Testing
LG K42 Q4 2021 Testing
V50, V50S, Q31, Q51, Q52, Q61, Q70, Q92 Unknown Testing

Next, we have the list of smartphones that will be updated to Android 12 and Android 13, as you may have expected, this is a much shorter list as revealed on LG’s Korean website:

Model Android 12 Android 13
LG Wing Yes Yes
LG Velvet Yes Yes
LG Velvet LTE Yes Yes
LG V50s Yes No
LG V50 Yes No
LG G8 Yes No
LG Q31 Yes No
LG Q52 Yes No
LG Q92 Yes No

While the models listed above will, in theory, be updated to Android 12 and 13 in the months and years ahead, remember that it’s always possible that the list might change with devices being removed if they are deemed as having ‘insufficient hardware resources’ to run the new versions of Android. Still, it’s good that LG is being proactive on the software front by acknowledging the importance of OS updates for its devices.

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