The media, whether telecast or printed, knows what has been accepted by authors of books and plays as essential in attracting and retaining readers and audiences for centuries. And that is the recognition that conflict must be headlined and apparent from the top of the story, whether in the news or a movie. Chaos, mayhem and tragedy rule.

Don Henley sang about it in “Dirty Laundry”: “Is the head dead yet … get the widow on the set.” These elements “grab” the consumers and keep them coming back for more. This results in more book sales, ticket sales and higher income from dollars spent by advertisers. That’s why we see covered bodies loaded into vans, people hooked up to machines in hospital rooms, and tearful folks grieving from the loss of their loved ones. The media knows well what sells. And that is why this COVID-19 pandemic is so over-blown.

Like most of us, I like to read that which validates my beliefs. Accordingly, it was almost intoxicating to read an article on a blog sponsored and authored by a Scottish doctor-researcher. He correctly identifies the problem of confusing “cases” with “infections” and how failing to put them into correct perspective has led to near suicidal panic among some alarmists. I urge you check the article at I think you, too, may start shrugging your shoulders the next time you are presented with COVID news and statistics.

— Tom Neill, Chico


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