Do you ever wonder why, when all these news networks are losing millions of viewers; how they can stay afloat in a capitalist economy?  Remember, when weeks ago, I said your information is being controlled by about 65 members of various boards for newspapers, magazines, TV networks, FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.?

If your businesses were losing millions every day, how could you stay in business? Well I have an answer for you! A recent article (in the BizCorpReview) revealed that during the last 10 months, China Daily, has pumped millions of advertising dollars into these companies. Why? To influence our election! They’re also trying squirm out of the idea China was the epicenter of the virus sent all around the world by many China travelers, all before anyone knew how deadly it really was. Suspiciously, all travel inside their country was stopped!

Start being suspicious of all you’ve been told, seen in print or online. Check and double-check sources before you believe anything, especially about the past November election. You’re being fooled! Don’t buy this idea of a wildly popular Biden vs. Trump’s crowds in the thousands!

If you saw a map of the counties Trump won in 2016; you would see it makes more sense that he received more votes and won more counties than he did in 2016. That in itself, should give you pause.

— Loretta Ann Torres, Chico


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