After living through the turbulent ’60s and lots of scary times since, this is perhaps the darkest time of my 78 years. There are about five people in this country who have control of what can be said. Twitter, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. run the United States.

I was in Chicago in the late ’70s when the Nazis wanted to march in the suburb of Skokie. ACLU officials backed their right to do so. Where is the ACLU now?

Campuses don’t allow contrary thoughts and ideas to be spoken. U.S. presidents are banned from the internet. People are ostracized because of who they voted for, and newspapers such as the New York Post are shut up. This is madness.

Everyone (you, too, Democrats) should be scared. This is not what America is. Let’s take down these social media monopolies before we wind up in a worse place. Where is the ACLU?


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