Alexa, buy gas, is a phrase you may hear more often now when going to the local pump to fill up your tank.

Today Amazon started rolling out a new capability for you to buy gas using Alexa. Though, Amazon may be just a little bit behind the times here. Mobile payments at gas stations aren’t an entirely new concept.

Some gas stations already accept mobile payments from Google Pay and Apple Pay at the pump. And inside you can use both (as well as Samsung Pay) to buy things at the register. Now Alexa users don’t have to be left out though.

Buy gas with Alexa at over 11,500 gas stations across the US

Alexa can be used to pay for gas at numerous gas stations across the country.

In fact, at over 11,500 gas stations. The one catch though is that these are Exxon and Mobil gas stations. So as of right now you’re not likely going to be using Alexa at Arco, Shell, Chevron or any of the other large gas stations throughout the US.

Not all Exxon or Mobil gas stations will support this. So that’s worth keeping in mind when making a trip to a specific gas station just to use this feature.

Make sure that location actually supports the tech first. Should it not you can always pay for your gas the old fashioned way – with cards or cash. Also worth noting is that you can use the Alexa app, your voice to talk to Alexa, or Alexa Auto if you have a vehicle with the technology built into it.

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Alexa will even ask you what pump you’re parked at

If you’ve been buying gas for a while you should be used to attendants asking you what pump you’re at when buying gas inside.

You don’t have this at the pump, obviously. Because there’s generally not an attendant there unless you’re in a state where you can’t pump your own gas. Even then, the attendants already know what pump you’re at. Because they’re there too.

If you’re paying with Alexa, Alexa’s response to you asking to pay for gas is what pump you’re at. To which you can answer. Alexa will then ask if you have your card set up with Amazon Pay, after which the transaction will be completed.

Keep in mind that you need to make sure Amazon Pay is set up with a credit or debit card before you can use this feature.



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