Well, if one thing has benefitted from the coronavirus pandemic, is the Zoom app. It has grown by leaps and bounds during the outbreak. And now a new update for the Zoom Android app is live.

Zoom has become one of the most used video conferencing apps. The current situation across the globe has put forth a new norm, i.e. work from home.

People are working from home, classes are now online, people are meeting with friends and families via video calls. This has benefitted Zoom.

Though there are alternatives like Google Meet, Whereby, Cisco WebEx Meetings, Skype Meet Now, etc. they aren’t as popular as Zoom is.

Besides, a new update expands the feature list for the Zoom Android app. One great feature of this new update is the ability to add virtual backgrounds.

However, note that only photos can be used as virtual backgrounds and videos are currently not supported. But we are sure that video will also make its way at some point in time.

The Zoom app virtual backgrounds feature will enhance privacy

If we talk about the usability of this new virtual background feature, Zoom Android users can maintain privacy especially when they are working from home.

You can use any image as the background while on the video call. Moreover, Zoom Android users can use the default backgrounds or any image they have in their gallery.

In order to use this feature, simply click on More and then Virtual Background. The default backgrounds will be listed or users can tap the ‘+’ sign to add their own image.

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Another useful feature of this new Zoom Android update is the integration with the Calendar app. This makes it easier to manage meetings without even needing to open the Calendar app.

You can now share your device’s audio with other participants as well. This feature could come handy for users who stream videos for their audience using the Zoom app.

Breakout rooms feature is also improved and now the host can split the meetings in up to 50 rooms. Moreover, the participants can self-select Breakout Rooms themselves.

Other features of this new update include enhanced link previews, search, option to hide chat bots, ‘Mark as unread’ for images and files, and more.

These new features are live for Zoom Android app version 5.3.52

If you are wondering how you can get all these features for your Zoom Android app, then you have to head over to the Google Play Store and download the app version 5.3.52.

Or you can tap in the button below to be redirected straight to the Play Store and simply tap the update button, if you have installed the app already.

Zoom Cloud Meetings (Play Store)



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