Paul Grace

La Roux
Fabric, London
February 6, 2020

La Roux gave a colorful, neon-tasteful party for the launch of its new record at the London Fabric nightclub. Paul Grace recorded the beautiful show.

To celebrate the release of La Roux’s new record, Supervision, she performs two consecutive nights at the uber-cool nightclub Fabric in London. Perhaps not a conventional choice for a live location, but the world-class sound system makes it a great option for the magical electro-organic fusion of La Roux.

And from the moment La Roux (Elly Jackson) bounces on stage, she takes full control and holds the room in her hand.

Starting with the frontal funk of Uptight Downtown, she moves with precision and grace. Her dance steps are calculated and cool, while her backing band offers a groovy soundtrack with percussive grooves, heavy bass rumbling and funky guitar riffs. And wow … what a voice.

A talented musician herself, if she doesn’t sing or dance, she strums on the guitar and generally looks like she has the time of her life. Interaction is plentiful and fun and the stage is a futuristic vision of paradise; a beautiful neon background with all the colors of the rainbow and there are even tropical plants on both sides of the stage for a good measure. Fun times indeed!

Seven songs from the thirteen-track set come from the new release Supervision, all of which are enthusiastically boosted by the roaming crowd. Of course she plays her classical songs (there would probably have been a riot if she hadn’t done that!), Including a new dance floor-friendly remix from Bulletproof that sounds great on Fabric’s sound system. However, no matter how wonderful the sound system from Fabric is (such as the layout as a club), it is not very suitable for the live band / musician experience because of the colossal DJ booth on the edge of the dance floor, which blocks the view of the podium for gamblers at the rear.

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As a bonus, La Roux leaves us two more classics; In For The Kill and International Woman of Leisure, and then she leaves the stage in a cloud of smoke, neon and screams.
Wow! A full-on good times show that clearly confirms the status of La Roux as one of the most authentic and talented musicians on today’s circuit.


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