A fight over the name of Josh drew a crowd from around the country to a Nebraska park on Saturday for a heated pool-noodle brawl.

It all started a year ago when pandemic boredom set in and Josh Swain, a 22-year-old college student from Tucson, Arizona, messaged others who shared his name on social media and challenged them to a duel.

Hundreds showed up at Air Park in Lincoln – a location chosen at random – to participate in the silliness.

The festivities started with a “grueling and righteous battle of rock, paper, scissors” between the Josh Swain from Arizona and another Josh Swain from Omaha. KLKN-TV reported that the Arizona student won that competition, allowing him to claim the title of the true Josh Swain.

Multiple people with the name Josh duked it out with pool noodles.
Multiple people with the name Josh duked it out with pool noodles. Photograph: Kenneth Ferriera/AP

The pool-noodle competition that followed was open to anyone with the first name of Josh. The victor of that competition was a five-year-old, Joshua Vinson Jr, who was coronated with a Burger King crown.

Swain, the organizer, said he was a little surprised about how the whole thing blew up.

“I did not expect people to be as adamant about this as they are right now,” he said.


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