One of the more significant announcements from CES 2020 (which honestly feel like a million years ago at this point) was that JBL was joining the ranks of other premium gaming headset manufacturers releasing its own line of PC gaming headsets and speakers. I’ve been spending some quality alone time with the flagship headset of the JBL Quantum range of headsets, the Quantum One, over the last couple of weeks.

JBL Quantum One specs

Connection: Wired
Driver-type: 50mm Dynamic
Impedance: 32 ohms
Frequency response: 20Hz -40,000Hz
Microphone frequency response: 100Hz-10kHz
Design style: Over-ear
Microphone: Detachable boom mic (unidirectional)
Connectivity: Type-C to A cable with Game /Chat Balance Dial, 3.5mm audio cable
Weight: 369g (0.79lbs)
Price: $299.99

What the Quantum One does differently over the rest of the Quantum line of headsets is its handling of spatial sound. Using its propriety Quantum Sphere 360 tech (are you starting to see a pattern emerge here?) it utilizes the headset’s built-in head tracking along with a by-pack microphone and a custom algorithm does the rest of the surround sound magic.



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