KFC has hooked up with Moonpig to produce a range of “finger lickin’” Valentine’s Day cards, including a limited-edition scratch-and-sniff card that smells of the fast-food restaurant’s original recipe.

The eight designs – all created by Moonpig – include a customisable card featuring the famous beard, glasses and white hair of Colonel Sanders, under which consumers can unload a photo of a loved one. It carries the text: “Fancy a peck?”

More suggestively, another asks “You’re a snack. Wanna cluck?”, while a third reads: “Tonight, the chicken comes first.”

KFC has been told to avoid using expletives by the Advertising Standards Authority. In December, the watchdog banned a poster bearing the words “What the cluck?!” after it drew 40 complaints. While KFC insisted the word “cluck” was not a substitute for a swearword, the ASA judged otherwise.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the recent launch of its vegan burger, KFC and Moonpig have also created a card asking: “Will you be my vegan-tine?”

Ten per cent of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the KFC Foundation, which since its formation in 2015 has given out £3m in grants to charities.


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