If you’ve ever hankered after an iPhone that looks like an iPad Pro – and haven’t we all? – you’re going to instantly fall in love with this new iPhone 12 concept. I know I did.

Created by Pigtou and shared via YouTube, the concept shows what could be the lower-end iPhone 12 that will ship in or around this coming September. It features a trio of camera lenses as some rumors have indicated, but that isn’t the part that will get you all hot under the collar. It’s that aesthetic.

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Rumors of an iPhone that borrows from the iPad Pro design have been flitting around for a good long while and that’s what this concept builds upon. Flat edges will make it easier to hold the thing as well – something iPhones haven’t been great at since iPhone 6.

Whether this is what will ship later this year is impossible to know right now. But if it is, I’m most definitely here for it.

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