When it comes to controlling the clamor, Apple’s Do Not Disturb mode gives you feast or famine in terms of handling the avalanche of incoming work-related communications. One thing we’ve learned as we work remotely is that this needs to improve.

Apple, are you listening?

How can we improve Do Not Disturb?

Do Not Disturb fails to provide the kind of granular control you need if you’re trying to separate personal and professional lives.

The need to work remotely during the pandemic has generated problems for some of us. Employers seem to think people who work for them should always be available, while people you work with seem to expect immediate responses to instant messages and emails.

Both attitudes generate stress that gets in the way for people trying to maintain a healthy balance while working at home. That balance is even more important at the moment, given that most people are juggling work with the additional family responsibilities that come from home schooling and lockdown living during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to receive our personal communications, messages and app updates after we stop work, but don’t want our time disturbed by work-related matter.

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