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iOS 14.5 will be released this week and fix one hugely irritating iPhone problem

With a mask across your face – as is required by law in the UK when inside a shop, supermarket, indoor venue – this clever camera system can’t gather enough security information and the screen simply won’t unlock.

It’s been a problem ever since the global pandemic began last year but Apple has now come up with an ingenious fix.

With iOS 14.5, anyone with an Apple Watch strapped to their wrist will be able to use this smartwatch to unlock their phones. When Face ID spots a covering is on your face it instantly links to the Apple Watch. If that device is fully unlocked and on your wrist, the iPhone’s screen will automatically spring into life.

The moment that the two devices become separated, this unlock method will no longer work with a code or full Face ID check needed once again.

That’s one piece of good news about iOS 14.5, but there’s plenty more tucked inside this software update including the ability to easily stop apps from tracking you. A new feature, called App Tracking Transparency, launches a window when you open an app. This then allows you to block certain permissions including tracking data across apps or websites owned by other companies.


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