Intel will develop a chip factory in Ohio, says report

Intel Core i9-12900KSource: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central

Intel has a lot of wheels in motion in response to the ongoing global chip shortage. Like many of its peers and rivals, it is racing against the clock to meet extraordinary semiconductor demand stemming from all around the world. And its latest effort to rise to the occasion may take place in Ohio.

According to The Plain Dealer, sources have indicated Intel’s next chip factory will be built in Ohio. State officials and Intel haven’t commented on the report, but it’s said an official announcement is on its way in the near future.

In other Intel news, $20 billion worth of new chip factories are on their way in Arizona, and the company is going hard in the paint to secure funding for its future endeavors — to the apparent exclusion of others. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger recently remarked that Taiwan is unstable, evidently to refocus the U.S. government’s $52 billion semiconductor funding initiative’s attention on domestic operations. The comments did not sit well with TSMC, which is also making major pushes to up its game amid the global shortage situation.

However, Intel may have gotten itself in a bit of trouble with regards to securing its own slice of the $52 billion pie. The company made a controversial apology to China over an innocuous disclaimer, the likes of which has not sat well with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

In any event, as with any company, Intel will win some and lose some. Should The Plain Dealer’s report be accurate, though, a few surefire winners will be the people who gain jobs from the new factory’s creation in Ohio.


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