The coronavirus pandemic has caused an unprecedented & irreversible change in society. It has changed how we live our lives; most importantly, the virus has completely re-jigged the way we work. Our complete dependency on the internet & a robust PC has become the need of the hour. Maintaining high productivity levels as before is not enough in 2020. One needs to outdo that, & the arsenal which will help you ace work-from-home is a PC that is designed keeping your needs in mind. So, if you are out in the market to buy a PC for yourself, then this guide will help you. If you are a gamer who wants the best & lag-free experience or a student who wants to learn outside the virtual classroom or a working professional who wants to increase productivity or a content creator who doesn’t want to compromise on quality, then you must go through the chart below.

Intel-Infographic-TOI--ET-Gadgets-Now-240920 (1)ET Spotlight

To know more about these 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors powered laptops, click here.


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