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There was a time when all anyone could talk about was MP3 players, with Apple’s iPod the cream of the crop. Then, they faded into obscurity with the advent of smartphones and music streaming services like Apple Music, only whispered about by none but the most die-hard of portable audiophiles. 

All the way through was Sony’s trusty Walkman. Still on a relatively-regular release cycle, it’s the MP3 player for the modern age, with internet connectivity and some of the best DACs in the business. A new year, a new CES, and a new Walkman is here — and it’s rammed with some cool specs.

Portable Audiophile specs in the Sony NW-A306

Sony NW-A306

(Image credit: Sony)

You might ask why anyone would want an MP3 player when you can just stream all your music from Apple Music or TiDAL on your best iPhone — a reasonable question. The answer lies within the little Sony Walkman NW-A306. While your phone doesn’t have much space for quality audio hardware, like a meaty DAC and amp, in a dedicated MP3 there’s a little more wiggle room. 


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