Working out how to give the keys to a car to your teenager may be challenging. You may want to provide them with freedom and want them to feel that you trust them, but too much space can leave the kids to feel they are unsupported or that you don’t care. If you do the opposite and rely too much on fear of authority, they will rebel to gain some sense of control. That’s why parenting is one of the most challenging jobs one will ever have in their life; it’s a balancing act.

There’s no end to the debate whether to control them strictly or let them free, but one thing is certain; they will grow up to be adults, and they have to learn how to drive a car in order to adapt to the modern world. Kids will have to drive a car either for work or for travelling at some point in their lives. But nobody wants to see their kids get hurt in an accident, and that’s where the latest technology comes in handy.


One of the most straightforward solutions for achieving a balance is using technology to give teenagers the freedom and mobility they deserve while providing parents with peace of mind when their precious kids are behind the wheel. Tracking devices and mobile apps make this technology not only possible but affordable and easily accessible as well. Parents can rest assured by using GPS tracking systems; they will have valuable information to educate teenagers to improve their driving habits.

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Combining the latest GPS technology and an Android smartphone, whenever the driver does an erratic movement while driving, it will be recorded to be provided as a report to the parent. Besides, parents can set up alarms to get notified if the teenager exceeds a specific speed limit, draw Geofence boundaries on the map to get informed if they drive too far away. Driver behaviour reports allow you to guide and educate your kid in order for them to become a decent driver. Even if you were not there in the car with them, you would be notified if they accelerate too quickly or brake too hard while driving.

According to NHTSA, risky drivers steer their vehicles in turns greater than 0.30 g, decelerate greater than 0.30 g and accelerate in speeds greater than 3ft/s. The latest tracking systems can gather this data via sensors and provide you in a visualized manner with driver score reports via the app. The app offers data in a meaningful way and enables you to locate your kid in case of an emergency instantly.

For some folks, the safest way to keep teen drivers safe may seem like not to let them drive at all, but we all know this is not the solution. The World is changing yet still; driver’s license marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. It’s a Parent’s responsibility to guide them from having their learner’s permit to a fully qualified driver with a license. A smartphone and an app can be the greatest tool for you to find the balance between making the most out of technology and respecting your kid’s privacy.

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