YouTube TV appears to be playing around with different promotions for new subscribers. Numerous other publications have seen the site note that you can get the service for $55 for your first month, or $45 for your first month. Then it’ll be $65 after that.

We are not seeing that on our end, but it does appear to be happening at random. So it’s quite clear that YouTube TV is testing different promotions. Likely in an attempt to add more customers to its service. Especially after working out that deal with T-Mobile (after it pulled a Google and killed TVision months after it launched).

You can check the YouTube TV website here, if you’re not a customer, and you may get lucky and be able to sign up for a cheaper price. Unfortunately, that price is not grandfathered in, and only available for the first month.

Will YouTube TV lower prices for everyone?

It’s fairly unlikely that YouTube TV would lower prices for everyone, including existing subscribers. Even though many have pointed out that YouTube TV lost its regional sports networks (mainly the Fox regional networks, which are now rebranded to Bally Sports), yet the price has not moved. Which is because YouTube TV also added around 14 channels from ViacomCBS. Which are relatively expensive, hence why they aren’t available on every service.

Given the fact that YouTube TV has been experimenting with more packages lately, mainly the Sports Plus package, it appears that they don’t want to raise prices either. But still wanting to offer more channels, not necessarily those that everyone wants though. So offering them as an additional package keeps people happy.

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It’ll be interesting to see if YouTube TV does remove some channels to lower the price in the future though. As most people likely don’t use all 85 channels available on YouTube TV.



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