Many people think single-player games are being overshadowed by multiplayer titles. However, a recent data leak may say otherwise.

Since the beginning, video games have captivated fans with their enthralling stories of adventurous Italian plumbers and valiant space marines. Although the industry seems to focus on online multiplayer games full of contentious microtransactions and loot boxes, it appears gamers rather submerge themselves in engrossing narratives than duke it out online. While both single-player and multiplayer games are great and allow people to escape from the monotony of everyday life, a recent study reveals that most gamers prefer single-player experiences.

According to a recent Sony data leak, gamers spend more time playing games offline than multiplayer. This may be somewhat shocking since the industry tends to fixate on online multiplayer games rather than story-driven narratives.

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The emergence of loot boxes and microtransactions made multiplayer games more lucrative, driving many video game companies away from single-player experiences. Although microtransactions exist in single-player games, they aren’t as prevalent as they are in multiplayer titles. Despite the industry’s attempts to steer gamers in a more online multiplayer direction, single-player games continue to thrive as they enter the ninth console generation.

There is nothing like submerging yourself in an immersive single-player game full of fascinating characters and rich lore. Games like Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone allow players to escape the turbulent realities of the world and get lost in their gripping narrative. While online multiplayer games have their charm, they rarely feature spellbinding stories that sweep gamers off their feet. Playing a few rounds of zombies on Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead 2 is great, but losing yourself in a riveting video game plot is hard to beat.

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Sometimes online communities can be a bit brash and overbearing. Some are even deemed as toxic, turning many video game fans away from the multiplayer community. Story-driven games don’t suffer from toxic communities (or rather, in-game communities) and offer gamers compelling video game experiences without bogging them down with the toxicity surrounding some multiplayer titles. Playing video games offline allows people to unwind and enjoy themselves without enraged pre-teens shouting obscenities at them constantly.

Single-player games have been at the center of the video game world ever since their creation. Although the industry seems to focus on multiplayer titles, most gamers still prefer enthralling, single-player experiences. Being able to get away from the world and get lost in a deep, story-driven game is still important to many gamers. Hopefully, video game fans will see even more captivating single-player games as they transition into the ninth console generation.

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