The president’s son helped the doctored photo earn tens of thousands of Twitter retweets, with many users believing it to be real. 

He accompanied the photo with the words: “Two great, courageous Americans.”

Originally, the photo – taken from Ice Cube’s Twitter account from a post he shared in July – shows both rappers wearing caps emblazoned with sports logos as opposed to the phrase “Trump 2020”.

Ice Cube called out Trump’s son for sharing the image on social media. Shortly after, he removed the photo.

He told his followers that he had endorsed neither party, but was helping to develop the president’s Platinum Plan, a four-year programme aiming to help create three million new jobs for African-Americans.

Ice Cube stated that he was “contacted” by “both parties” due to his initiative, Contract With Black America, but claimed that the Trump campaign had showed more interest than Joe Biden’s.

Ice Cube called out Eric Trump for sharing an edited photo showing his ‘support’ for Donald Trump on Twitter

He made the claim on Instagram while sharing a screenshot from CNBC regarding an apparent tax raise if Joe Biden wins the presidency.

The image, widely believed to be misleading, suggests that high earners in New York will be taxed 62 per cent of their wages.


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