IBM just made the first 2nm processor, but don't expect a 2nm gaming CPU any time soon

Because technology just keeps marching on, IBM has just developed the world’s first 2nm processor – as AMD is working on its 5nm process and Intel is still stuck on 10nm.

But as pointed out by Anandtech, this is a bit of a misnomer, as 3D FinFET technology has made things a lot more complicated. So, it’s better to say that it’s equivalent to what 2nm would be, rather than actually being 2nm. Basically, it just means that IBM was able to make really small transistors, boosting transistor density to increase both performance and efficiency. 

And it’s up to a 75% boost to efficiency, apparently, even though we doubt the real-world application would reach the same numbers. And that’s because the actual size of the manufacturing process is only part of the story.

a group of workers looking down at a cpu socket

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Actual clock speeds probably won’t change much


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