'I Have A Joke, But': Sarcastic One-Liners Break Internet

The online joke-fest saw several verified Twitter handles’ participation. (Representational)

New Delhi:

“I have a joke, but…” is the new punchline in cyberspace as Twitter users from celebrity anchors like Gaurav Kapoor to IT bigwigs like Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma, post sarcastic one-liners that, for the most part, poke fun at different professions.

It all starts with “I have a joke, but…” and is then followed by the joke itself, which is usually a self-deprecating remark about a profession or, in some cases, the comic’s own line of work.

For example, in a joke about doctors, a Twitter user wrote: “I have a joke about doctors, but aap pehle fees jama karao (you first pay the fees).”

The online joke-fest saw several verified Twitter handles, including those from leading organisations and corporate firms, such as food delivery major Zomato and movie production house Red Chilly Entertainment, join in the fun.

“We have a joke refdcr fdn oregano sachets, but we’re saving it for later,” Zomato tweeted.

“I have a joke on cycles, but Kaira has already recycled it!” Red Chillies Entertainment tweeted.

“I have a fintech joke, but it is waiting for a license and approval before I can tell,” Paytm’s Mr Sharma tweeted.

Twitter users have come up with weird but funny trends these days, such as the one that saw people make memes about typos that went viral.

The tweets were people’s reactions to typos and, like this trend, were prefaced with: “When you accidently”

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