Huawei has recently unveiled its very latest flagship, the Mate 40 Pro as well as the Pro+. The phone is packed with a massive ring-shaped camera along with an array of a number of lenses, and equipped with the Kirin 9000 processor. These are the factors that make them just the very second family of the smartphones utilizing the next-gen 5-nanometer process, just after the recent Apple iPhone 12 family.

Huawei Mate 40 PRo Specification

The particular circular camera array actually lends the given phone a more unique aesthetic that does not even look the slightest like anything else existing out there. Spotted on the rear, is the Pro+ feature containing a 6.8 inch display along with the known regular pro that equips a 6.5-inch one that is capable of achieving 90Hz refresh rates. Huawei’s website is a good place to look out for the Huawei Mate 40 Pro.

Taking the processore aside, the phone’s promise of achieving high performance along with the 8 GB of RAM along with a 128 GB SSD on the Huawei Mate Pro, the Pro+ is said to be able to peak at 12 GB of Ram and both of these units are capable of achieving the 66W charging. This is up to 50W wirelessly and is enough to allow the players to top at a whopping 4,400 mAh battery really quickly. Both of the phones actually bear the same battery size.

According to an article by The Next Web, the camera specs are produced in the typical and popular Huawei fashion, beastly. The said Pro+ has about 50 mpx primary camera along with a 20mpx ultrawide as well as a 12mpx 3x telephoto. This also includes an 8mpx penscope camera capable of performing up to 10x optical zoom. This is the last sensor oof its known time-of-flight camera and is meant to be able to capture the depth of the photo.

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What’s different about the Huawei Mate 40 Pro specs

The said regular Pro holds nearly the same specs, but the periscope camera is only capable of a 5x zoom. There is also no ToF camera located in the phone’s rear and both of these cameras have one located in the front. It is said that these font cameras help provide the needed depth effect to the selfies.

The article states that it must really suck to be a full pledged Huawei fan as of the moment. At least for those fans that are located in the western world. Although it is not wise to downplay on the national security concern, there are still tech fans that have expressed how much they have been missing out on the known hardware and that the company has actually proceeded to go head and head against the tech giants Apple and Samsung.

The lack of the popular Google apps actually makes it much harder to get the very most out of the Android, although the Huawei actually continues to keep building its very own ecosystem. This particular time involves adding its very own Petal Search as well as Maps.

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