As if there was any doubt about HTC teasing a new VR headset late last week, the company also reconfirmed that it’s definitely on the way with an image of the device sitting under a veil.

A blogpost titled “VR Headset?” featuring the image was released on the same day as the Tweet that saw wider circulation.

The only text to go along with the image was: “VR Headset – Confirmed”.

Image courtesy HTC

As far as veiled images go, there’s little to tell from this image alone. The headset appears to be propped up internally by a box, so it’s difficult to tell whether it indeed has a rigid strap system or not.

The only other image we have of the device for now was released via Twitter last week, showing what appears to be a rendering of the top-left corner of the headset’s faceplate and revealing a single optical sensor.

Image courtesy HTC

HTC has done these sort of Twitter teases in the past, the most recent of which was right before the company launched new VR accessories.

The phrase from last week’s tweet: “now that the accessories are out of the way, let’s get down to business,” could mean that company is getting ready to release a business-focused headset instead of one for consumers. This would track fairly well with its past strategy of releasing its Vive Focus standalone headsets in China for consumers, and pitching the same hardware outside of that country for business.

What do you think is under the veil? PC VR? Standalone? Let us know in the comments below!

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