HSBC kicks off successor to 'We are not an island'

Richard Ayoade leads the way in HSBC’S new campaign “Borders”, by Wunderman Thompson.

Following on from the bank’s “We are not an island” campaign, the ad aims to highlight the importance of breaking down borders in society, such as racial divide and the glass ceiling that women face in their careers.

The IT Crowd star walks a white line-marker through a football field as a reminder of physical barriers, before using it to highlight the metaphorical barriers mentioned above. He rolls the visual metaphor through homes, offices, and construction sites, before reaching “Lands Edge”, a border where the UK meets the rest of the world.

Ayoade delivers his final message about borders, saying: “But in the end, they tend to get in the way of possibility because when we see beyond borders, we see opportunity everywhere.”

Mike Watson, creative director at Wunderman Thompson, said: “The UK’s future opportunities need to be different to its past. The country and its people have so much to offer and achieve if we can level the playing field and create equal opportunity for all.

“The campaign reflects the nation’s desire for change and helps highlight that HSBC isn’t too big to care, but rather that it’s big enough to help make a difference.”

The campaign launched on Twitter on 23 September, broke on TV on 24 of September and will launch on VOD on 30 September. 

The film ad will be supported by digital and out-of-home advertising, as well as print. Taglines such as “Love knows no borders”, “Ethnicity should never be a barrier to opportunity” and “When we see beyond borders, we see opportunity everywhere”, will be included in the ad.

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Becky Moffat, HSBC UK’s chief marketing officer, said: “Our purpose is to open a world of opportunity for our customers, and that means helping people understand and overcome some of the barriers that exist today – most of which are invisible, or we don’t see unless they affect us personally.”


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