Thanks to the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus, the whole country is staying home. That means no dining out, no going to bars, no live music, and, sadly, no movie theaters. While you might think that means you’ll have to wait to see movies like “The Invisible Man,” “Emma,” and “The Hunt,” think again. Because of the pandemic, you’ll be able to watch these movies on your phone earlier than ever.

Universal Pictures is releasing those in-theater movies early on rental platforms. The unprecedented move makes sense, as fewer people are either able or willing to trek to their movie theater to check out Universal’s latest flicks. The movies we discussed are the first batch to come out, hitting VOD platforms Friday, March 20. “Trolls World Tour” will also be made available, starting April 10.

Warner Bros. was quick to follow Univeral but only for movies that were already slated to sell on digital media services. So movies like “Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn” and “The Gentlemen” will be available to purchase earlier than scheduled, which means those will be able to rent soon after once the buy-only period ends.

We’ll keep this article updated with all the movies that are slated for early rental, as we’re sure more and more studios will follow Universal’s lead.

Movies Available Friday, March 20

Movies Available Tuesday, March 24

Movies Available Friday, April 10

Cover photo by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks


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