How to Watch Mariah Carey's New Christmas Special for Free

Mariah Carey on stage for her 2021 Christmas special.
Apple TV+

It ain’t Christmas without Mariah Carey, but her 2021 Christmas special isn’t exactly easy to find. That’s because Mariah Carey’s Christmas: The Magic Continues is tucked behind an Apple TV+ subscription, which most people aren’t willing to pay for! Here’s how to watch the new Christmas special (plus last year’s special) without paying a dime.

The 2021 Mariah Carey special taps into classic Christmas vibes with sparkly suits and a minimalist stage. It features a live performance of the new single Fall in Love at Christmas with guest appearances from Khalid and Kirk Franklin, and it comes with an exclusive interview hosted by Zane Lowe. (This new special is actually a lot different from last year’s, which was super flashy and packed a ton of guest appearances from long-time Mimi collaborators.)

How to Watch Mariah Carey’s 2021 Christmas Special

You can now watch Mariah Carey’s Christmas: The Magic Continues in your browser, on your phone or tablet, and on your streaming stick or smart TV using Apple TV+. A subscription to Apple TV+ costs $5 a month, but it’s easy to get around this fee with a free trial.

Apple TV+ offers a free 7-day trial to all new subscribers. That should give you enough time to watch Mariah Carey’s Christmas: The Magic Continues, its accompanying interview, and last year’s Christmas special. Apple won’t give you this free trial if you’ve already used TV+, but chances are that you have a friend or family member who’s willing to let you use their email address.

I should also mention that Apple includes a three-month TV+ trial with all iPhone, iPad, and Mac purchases. You can activate this trial by opening the Apple TV app on your device, so long as you haven’t owned your device for over three months. (Now’s probably your last chance to redeem this offer if you bought an iPhone 13 or a MacBook Pro!)

Bear in mind that Apple will charge you a $5 fee if you don’t cancel your free trial on time. Thankfully, cancelling an Apple TV+ subscription is very easy.


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