How to Remove Weather and News from Windows 10’s Taskbar

Windows 10 News and Weather.

Microsoft is always making little tweaks to Windows 10. Some of these changes have been more successful than others. The taskbar now has a Weather and News widget, but you may not like that. Thankfully, it’s easy to disable it.

The “News and Interests” widget started rolling out to Windows 10 PCs in June 2020. It’s pretty hard to miss when it appears. You’ll see a weather forecast in a small box next to the clock and notification area. Selecting the widget opens a panel with more weather info, stocks, sports scores, news, and more.

News and Interests panel.

Not interested in having a Bing-powered weather and news widget on your taskbar? No problem, it’s easy to get rid of it. First, right-click anywhere on the taskbar.

Right-click the taskbar.

From the menu, select “News and Interests” and then click “Turn Off” from the submenu.

Select News and Interests > Turn Off.

That’s it! The weather widget will no longer be present in your taskbar. If you’d like to bring it back at any time, simply open the same menu and select “Show Icon and Text.”

You can also select “Show Icon Only” for a smaller widget that takes up less room on your taskbar.

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