While the sheer scale of the glazing projects taken on by the company would be a daunting task by any standard, tackling mammoth tasks suits the company well.

“There are many advantages to working with such large-scale glazing projects as we do, some of which can contain 10,000sq m to 100,000sq m of glazing area in a single façade,” Sparke said.

“One positive aspect of working on jobs of this size is that the work is quite regular—as the materials arrive weekly or daily, it’s possible to custom-build our programs around the arrivals.

“The size of the jobs we’re regularly working with also helps us retain an economy of scale, while keeping our overheads as low as possible.

“The company’s philosophy of providing meticulous care for each customer has distinct upsides.

“For me, the defining factor that always comes to mind when I think of our company is risk management, which we’ve made a central focus in everything we do,” Sparke said.

“While builders can sometimes try to push the risk onto the installer, we’ve always taken pains across every step of the process to ensure this is mitigated as much as possible.”

One Global Logistics is also notable for a willingness to embrace a variety of jobs.

“Whether we’re working freight handlers or logistical support, every project is always very different. We’ve completed over 100 projects, all of which are completely different in shape, size, orientation, and expectations.

“Absolutely nothing is standard—we’ve had to customise each one to cater for different types of builders and other professionals, which definitely keeps us on our toes.”

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When asked about any projects that he sees as definitive for the company, Sparke draws attention to several current ones.

“We had four major projects finalised a couple of months ago,” he said.

“The largest of these still on going is Probuild’s West Side Place in Melbourne, which featured 100,000sq m of curtain wall. To transport all that material involved shipping and organising over 1,000 x 40ft containers.”



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