In the turbulent times we are all living through, the demand for unified communications (UC) is greater than ever. With many of us home-working for the most sustained period of time in our professional lives, UC is being pushed to the very limits of its own capabilities, and the demand for evolution and constant progression is massive. In many ways, the successful integration of new UC solutions is keeping many industries moving forwards through the Covid-19 isolation period.

This, of course, has not only driven demand, but forced UC developers to fortify their solutions to ensure they are robust enough to perform under such heavy uptake. As we rightly become more conscious of employee welfare and satisfaction, we’ve seen this go one step further. Events beyond our control are preventing employees from getting into the office. Today’s professionals need to be able to ensure that they can remain productive and happy through any potential stumbling blocks. These factors are inevitably pushing the needle for innovation in a number of ways.

The holy grail of UC



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