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There was a time a few years ago when you’d be easily forgiven for thinking Cadillac simply didn’t exist. The American car brand used to be perhaps the best in the United States, but It’s not always been an easy ride for the once super luxurious company though. Recent years though have been a little different, with Cadillac looking to be on the up more and more. And as the EV future approaches, Cadillac are of course keen to get in on that act.

Cadillac really wants to place itself back at the forefront of luxury car design, in any way possible. The EV revolution is the perfect chance for it to do that, and it is set to do so with the all-new Celestiq EV. Tired of being in the shadow of European brands, Cadillac revealed this car in July 2022, and it is set to go straight into the world of ultra-luxury cars, with a starting price likely to be around the $300,000 mark. Cadillac is aiming big with this car, and wants to take on the might of Rolls-Royce, and show that America knows a thing or two about luxury.

The Main Details Behind The Celestiq EV

While at the moment the car is still described as a concept, Cadillac says that this is actually the car that people will get when production does actually start. Effectively, it is a show car, more than a concept car. The only major difference is that the real car will be highly customizable by individual buyers, whereas of course this current car is not. Cadillac hasn’t really occupied the ultra-luxury territory since 1957 when they brought out the Eldorado Brougham, so taking on luxury giants like Bentley and Rolls-Royce will be tough.

While we have no exact details on its powertrain, the Cadillac Celestiq should have two electric motors, one per axle, and have similar levels of acceleration compared to the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan. But don’t expect it to be as sporty a car as the CT5-V Blackwing that Cadillac also makes. Expect this car to be a much more sedate, tamer and comfier experience. In truth, it is harking back to the glory days of Cadillac when those qualities were what the company was originally renowned for. That is a great thing for the manufacturer.

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Rivaling The Likes Of Rolls-Royce

One manner in which Cadillac hope to take the fight to Rolls-Royce is very the customization offered on the car. And it is quite an extreme level of customization too. For example, each car can be massively customized to whatever the client wants. This ranges from materials within the interior, to the extreme levels in which buyers can customize the outside. They can choose literally any paint color they want. Rolls-Royce has offered this level of service for over a century, and now Cadillac are set to join in on that.

How that is all handled by General Motors and the Cadillac dealerships we do not yet know, but it will be a big job for them. But this is important for Cadillac as they aim to step up the overall experience for the customer, and offer something that could become rooted within their DNA for the future. What makes this car even more remarkable is that each one of these Cadillacs will be hand-built by craftspeople, which is another way in which Cadillac is taking it to Rolls-Royce. This will mean every example of the Celestiq’s will be truly unique to that customer, even if they all ordered the same spec.

Ensuring The Inside Is Just As Luxurious

Inside the concept car, we get a glimpse of how luxurious this new Cadillac EV will be. The cabin has bright red leather upholstery, with a 55-inch digital dashboard and Eames inspired bucket seats. And yes this is all for show on this concept, but the production interior will be very close, if not identical, to what we see on this show car. The exterior itself is quite striking, with sleek lines, a swooping roof and quite a bustled back end. It’s quite unlike any Cadillac for many years.

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Can Cadillac Take On Rolls-Royce?

The answer to the question above is one that only time will tell. Rolls-Royce has virtually dominated this ultra-luxurious space for many years, along with rivals like Bentley. In America, cars from Lexus and Infiniti are perhaps better known for their luxury offerings so the Celstiq has some truly gargantuan competition to face off against. But equally gargantuan are the ambitions of Cadillac and this car. They are not resting on their laurels, and clearly want to show the world what they can really do. Well, we wait with bated breath to see if the production version lives up to the promise of the concept.

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