5G is the next big thing in the technology world and it is expected to change computing for a better and more technologically advanced future. Over the last year or so, with the COVID-19 pandemic restricting us indoors, we have developed a special relationship with our computers and computing devices. With the boom in remote working, E-learning, and the likes, this special relationship is here to stay. American chipmaker Qualcomm has started a new video series named “The Future of..” where a panel of experts talk about a certain aspect of technology and its future prosects. In the first episode of the series, Qualcomm talks about 5G, and how 5G can shape the future of PCs.

Lenovo’s Executive Director of Product Management Tom Butler, during the discussion, said that people have gone from having one PC per-household, to having one PC per-person (at least in the last one year). People have moved to working remotely across the world, and that has led to a lot of imbalance in terms of capabilities, bandwidth, low-latency, and basically all kinds of infrastructure that wasn’t present when people were physicaly in the office. With 5G, all of this imbalance will be a thing of past. Further, 5G will also solve most bandwidth issues, since even at our homes, using single or only few devices on a network, bandwidth does become an issue. Hence, some aspects of 5G are bandwidth while some aspects are like the quality of network. “At a time when users demand that enterprise-grade low-latency network, 5G will step in to solve that problem,” Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Product Management Miguel Nunes said during the discussion.

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5G also gives businesses the ability to have a work connection that is separate from home connection. And that is good in terms of security, manageability, and much more. Further, it offers mobility – the freedom to be working from anywhere you want, Nunes said.

In terms of bringing the smartphone’s usability to a laptop or a PC, since users like the freedom and the compact traits of the smartphone, 5G will improve the battery life of laptop PCs, from battery life, to the importance of video conferencing, streaming video, audio clarity, portability, connectivity, security, are all getting applied from the smartphone into the PC and more and more functions are going to start to come in as 5G becomes more mainstream.

There will also be multiple AI applications with 5G as well. For example, real-time translation on the smartphone will be very influential and necessary on the PC since users are doing video calls and video conferences from and to multiple different countries and regions. “I think we have many learnings from smartphones that we can apply to PCs with 5G and hopefully, over the next couple of years, advancing the capabilities of the PC,” Alex Katouzian, Qualcomm’s Senior Vice President and General Manager said.

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