Hosting A Perfect Webinar While Doing Anything Else Is Now Possible

Hosting a live webinar, again and again, is a hassle for not only sales & marketing executives but a larger audience that includes coaches, trainers, and thought leaders, among others. That’s because there are a few limitations while hosting a live webinar. The one that most will resonate with is the need to be available in real-time to present. Live webinars also defy the very foundation of learning and problem solving as the host is occupied at all times during the presentation and is less poised to interact with and engage their audience via chat and Q&A.

At a time when we have been introduced to the metaverse and the best of technology, doesn’t it feel odd to host repetitive webinars? The answer has to be a big yes simply because the traditional webinars totally consume a users’ time, energy, and resources while offering very little value to the consumer or attendees. In a recent survey conducted by BrightTalk, 67% of respondents stated lack of time or availability as the top reason to not register for a webinar.

But there’s a smart alternative to the traditional way that allows users to host a perfect webinar while doing literally anything else. Emerging to be a turnkey tool to eliminate the fatigue caused by back-to-back web conferences and benefit both the host and the attendee, eWebinar is leading the way in introducing webinar users to a robust automated webinar solution.

An automated webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that can be run automatically at various times on a recurring schedule without requiring the host to be present. It works the same as how we typically watch on-demand videos on our favorite entertainment apps and VoD platforms. On eWebinar, users can easily register for one of the automated webinar’s scheduled times. This allows them the convenience and comfort of attending it whenever they’re available. At the same time, it offers an opportunity to the host to engage with their audience by using interactive features like monitoring consumer metrics and analytics. What’s even more rewarding is that more users tend to appear when given the option to join in at their preferred time. Thus, eWebinar has a proven record of increasing the attendance rate along with the probability of lead conversion, leading to more revenue while saving big on time & efforts.

What’s more- eWebinar has a host of pre-set interaction tools that can be programmed to elevate the overall consumer experience. It won’t be wrong to say that the existing live broadcasting and video conferencing platforms offer very limited tools to keep the audience interested at all times. On the other hand, eWebinar’s futuristic user interface enables the host to make the session interactive and insightful. At the right moments during the automated webinar, hosts can take polls, share customized offers, run giveaways and do lots of other interactivities to grab the attention of the audience and add value to a product/service by making technology do the talking. It is no rocket science that the more your users stay until the end, the easier it is to identify and convert high-quality leads.

Is hosting a perfect webinar a myth?

Fortunately, hosting a perfect webinar and not having the need to record it over and over again is no longer a myth, courtesy eWebinar. Unlike a traditional webinar that is performed once, automated webinars are pre-recorded. This means that they can be recorded (or presented) once and utilized repeatedly. This makes for much better use of one’s time and resources, as each webinar only needs to be presented once. With this capability, presenters get an edge over the regular web conferencing platforms and can literally be in two places at once. It’s a win-win scenario for team leaders and content creators as even during an ongoing session, they can dedicate time toward repurposing their resources on other things that are important to their life & business.

With other platforms, attendees are forced to leave their work behind and attend web seminars. eWebinar lets its users focus on something else they value more, whether that’s closing the next big deal, spending time with family and friends, or binge-watching their current favorite flick.

Another common problem that the innovative new platform solves is something that the users usually don’t have control over i.e., inconvenience due to technical issues. We all have experienced technical glitches during an ongoing session and know how embarrassing and annoying it can be. The automated webinar solution by eWebinar is glitch-free from a host of technical issues, such as latency, freezing, and audio delays. At the same time, live sessions require a strong and stable internet connection and are prone to get easily interrupted. Also, from a psychological standpoint, the quality of the presentation also relies heavily on the quality and energy of the presenter on any given day, which is not a limitation with automated webinars.

When videos are recorded for repeated use, one can perfectly synchronize the content of the video to ensure that they are sending out the best possible version of the webinar. This also helps in limiting errors and ensuring a consistent experience for every viewer, no matter when they access that content.

Another problem with live webinars is that you’d need one or more hosts and a chat moderator to be present on a regular basis to make a live webinar series engaging. This can really increase your headcount and reduce productivity substantially. Since automated webinars don’t require a host to be present, you can run even more training without adding additional resources. The host needs to make sure a single team member is available and has the time to respond to questions through chat or email. Most importantly, flexible automated webinars allow hosts to deliver information to their attendees when they’re the most eager to learn and open to making decisions.


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