Heroes Of The Storm Hogger HeroSource: Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes Of The Storm Hogger HeroSource: Blizzard Entertainment

Hogger, otherwise known as “the scourge of Elwynn Forest” and Chieftain of the Riverpaw pack, is a highly aggressive hero that features some unique traits and abilities to give them their own special playstyle. Their Rage passive trait allows them to decrease their ability cooldowns the more damage they receive or deal, while their Loot Hoard trait allows them to deal area-of-effect damage, and block the path for a few crucial seconds.

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For these reasons, Hogger is very effective at isolating individual players and taking them down, without posing too much risk to the player. If you want to give Hogger a try, however, beware of knockback-heavy heroes, or heroes that have sustained healing abilities. Overall, Hogger looks like a great addition to the game, and is available right now to go and play. You can check out their reveal trailer above to get a closer look.

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Heroes unleashed

Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack

Heroes and villains from all walks

This starter pack includes five characters for the game: Sonya, Zeratul, Zagara, Li Li and Jaina, alongside an exclusive Golden Tiger Mount. It’s the perfect way to get started in Heroes of the Storm.


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