On Monday, people in Morgan and Lawrence counties will have the chance to learn more about high-speed internet opportunities in their communities.

According to broadbandnow.com, 15% of Alabama doesn’t have broadband coverage and a lot of those people live in rural areas.

One local company, called Joe Wheeler EMC, might offer high-speed internet to some of those people. Back in 2018, Governor Ivey signed the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act to try to bring high-speed internet to the more rural areas of the state.

Monday night, Joe Wheeler EMC is hosting a community meeting to talk about the need for fast internet in those communities. At the meetings, residents can ask questions and learn more about high-speed internet.

Company leaders said after about five of these meetings, members will vote on if they want high-speed internet offered in their area. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. on Monday at Brewer High School.

The company said members will be able to vote on high-speed internet in October.


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