YouTube Music has been long projected as an alternative to the already-dead Google Play Music. The service is now gaining a new feature that allows users to hide liked YouTube Videos in YouTube Music.

Google has been working hard to make new changes and add new features to YouTube Music. The newest change is a pretty minor one, but it differentiates YouTube Music from YouTube Videos app.

Notably, YouTube Music and YouTube are too very interlinked products from Google. And many users did not like this. However, the new feature on YouTube Music now no longer assumes that you want to keep the same library of liked songs from YouTube.

This new hide liked YouTube videos in YouTube Music feature now separates your liked library in YouTube Music from the liked library on the YouTube videos app.

Besides, before the arrival of this new feature, whenever you liked a video on YouTube, it influenced the music discovery service on YouTube Music.

Since the taste of music changes over time, the liked library on YouTube may not represent the same preferences in the YouTube Music app.

Thankfully, several users on Reddit have confirmed that Google is now letting the users hide the liked YouTube video on YouTube Music.

The new hide liked YouTube videos on YouTube Music option is available under Settings Menu

Users can press the single option and separate out their liked library on YouTube Music. There is a new dedicated option available to hide the liked YouTube videos on YouTube Music under the Settings Menu.

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In order to access it, head over to the Settings menu and toggle off the ‘Show your liked music from YouTube’ option. However, note that this feature is a one-sided affair.

Basically, this means that this feature will hide liked YouTube videos on YouTube Music. But anything you like on YouTube Music will show up on YouTube like the library.

Additionally, this feature will work on the account that has been logged into the YouTube Music streaming service. Furthermore, your liked library will go down, as soon as you toggle this switch.

It is not that YouTube and YouTube Music integration was that bad. Actually, it was more convenient for the users who while watching YouTube come across their favorite songs.

So, you can like and it and hear it on YouTube Music. But this was not true for most of the users and they preferred both the services to be separated.

This feature is reflected in the latest version of the YouTube Music app. You can grab the app from the Google Play Store. But note that this is a server-side change and will be available to any recent version of the app.



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